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"Wohl's screen future looks bright!"
"A J.G. Ballard for the information age"
-Victoria Film Festival


Hearts of Clay

Hearts of Clay
by Barry Alan Levine & Michael Wohl

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May-September Romance (MOW)
Suggested Rating
Log Line:
A woman who has lost her passion for life finds new inspiration in unexpected romance with a mysterious younger man.
Modern Day Suburbia

Sydney Pollard thinks she’s dying.

Her husband’s premature death and a creative dry spell have left this artist without a will to live. Her only pleasure may be interfering with her daughter’s failing marriage and doting on her devoted art students.

Until she meets Will. Thirty years her junior, and on criminal probation, Sydney unexpectedly finds herself caught up in the type relationship she thought she would never experience again.

But after a dreamy interlude on a secluded island, reality sets in. Their age difference catches up with them and his shady past makes an unwelcome present that drives them apart. Sydney finds herself even more depressed than before, but from that depth she finds the spark that reignites the passion of her youth and she overcomes her artistic block.

HEARTS OF CLAY is a delightful romantic drama about an engaging and powerful older woman finding satisfaction in life’s bittersweet essence.