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"Wohl's screen future looks bright!"
"A J.G. Ballard for the information age"
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Call To Prayer

Call To Prayer

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Suspense/Thriller (political)

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Log Line:
Two Muslim American brothers are torn apart when they are recruited to harbor a suicide bomber in their college apartment. The FBI is on the case but can’t unravel the plot quickly enough to prevent an intense standoff at a biological weapons lab.
Modern Day Boston

Call To Prayer is a chilling but compassionate look into the lives of two Arab-American brothers living in Boston. Their lives are radically changed when a visiting sheik recruits them to provide a safehouse for a visiting suicide bomber.

The assignment slowly tears the brothers apart, as the struggle between their faith and their morals is put to the test. As the gruesome details of the plot are revealed, the conflict between the two brothers escalates until unexpectedly, the bomber dies without completing his mission.

They are then instructed to continue the mission on their own or face death. Damned if they do, and damned if they don’t, the boys finally agree to go through with it, forcing a showdown with the FBI, and bringing the entire Boston metropolitan area to the brink of biological disaster.