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Kids Eat Free!

Kids Eat Free!
by Nate Cohen & Michael Wohl

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Zombie Comedy
Suggested Rating
PG-13 (for comic violence)
Log Line:
When two brothers open the first fast food restaurant in an isolated small town, everyone turns into fat, lazy slobs. No problem, right? That is until the food supply stops and they turn into murderous lunatics.

Modern-day rural American town.


Jackson and Tommy Pontoon plan to make history by opening the first fast-food restaurant in their small Iowa town. Soon they're making money hand over fist, hardly able to keep up with the demand for their scrumptious burgers.

Jackson's (ex) girlfriend Maybeline leads a small but vocal opposition to the operation, claiming that it is destroying the community from the inside out. But neither she nor the Pontoon brothers have any idea how right she is.

What they don't know is that a highly addictive secret ingredient is being put into the food by the parent company, and it makes people docile, dopey and mildly happy. But when a blizzard shuts down the highway and delays shipment of the "special meat", the townspeople get ravenous, and gangs of burger zombies begin devouring unsuspecting citizens.

Seeing the greater danger, Maybeline and Jackson team up to defeat and neutralize the zombies, and once the burgers arrive, they settle back into an uneasy truce, but they know that if they ever run out of burgers again, havok will reign.

Slowly, however, the townspeople develop a tolerance and tbe pacifying effect begins to wear off, until they are surrounded by a town full of murderous lunatics.

Somehow they must develop a "special sauce" that will rid the town of its nasty fast-food habit before they devour eachother and destroy the town.